The Oran Metal Group business model integrates a built-in management system that aids in self regulation and monitoring and ensures active compliance of environmental laws, ethical standards, and international norms. Our implementation of these systems encourages a positive impact through all our activities which includes resource recovery and resource management.

We at OranMetal Group have firsthand experience and understand the Environmental benefits of recycling and the savings that can be made by using recyclables as opposed to primaries (ores). New combinations of materials present daily challenges to recycling and we understand the importance of ensuring the recovery of residues with low metallic content.

The reason why this is so important is that for every tonne of metal that is recycled, there are multiple Environmental benefits including energy savings, raw material (ores) conservation and substantial reduction in Co2 emissions. These savings are outlined below.

Resource Recovery and Resource Management:

For every Kilogramme (Kg) of scrap metal processed we save:

  • 12.5 MJ of energy by not using virgin ores

  • 86% less air emissions to

  • 40% less water consumed

  • 97% less mining waste

  • Recycled steel uses 25% less energy consumed.

Carbon Footprint:

We are also conscious that for every tonne of recycled scrap metal there is also considerable saving of virgin ores reducing CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. For every 100,000tn of steel produced using scrap metal, 97Ktn of CO2 is saved. Our customers are well aware that through proper resource recovery, they are partially fulfilling their own environmental responsibility while at the same time improving brand perception.