Scrap Metal Processing

Oran Metal Group processes many grades of ferrous and non ferrous scrap.

We have developed our processing capacity and plant over many years and now are one of the foremost processor of scrap in Ireland.

The added value our processing adds to the material is passed on directly to our customers in the top prices we pay.

The following are just some of the ways in which we manage your scrap:

  • Shredder/Fragmentiser – our 2,500 HP steel shredder is the most advanced of its kind in Ireland. We can shred up to 500 tonnes per day in our plant and ensure that the maximum possible levels of recycling are achieved for end of life vehicles and light iron. The recent additions of an infeed conveyor, pre shredder and container loader ensures that the scrap is handled in the most efficient way possible.
  • Shearing – our shears are capable of shearing all the heaviest steel quickly and efficiently. This process produces steel for shipping directly to steel mills in Europe.
  • Copper Granulation – we have the capability to granulate all grades of copper cable. We have contracts with a number of cable manufacturers to destroy production off cuts and reject material. This ensures the producer that the cable cannot be used in the future.


Material Destruction 

We have the ability to completely destroy any material that a customer requires to be put beyond future use. If you a have tooling or equipment that you want to ensure will not end up in a competitors hands, allow us to shred it for you. We have recently carried out this service for a number of customers including Intel and Nestle. You are welcome to come and witness the process for extra reassurance.

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