Group Companies

Oran Metal Group is a scrap metal recycling company serving customers nationally from three strategic locations:

 Mountmellick: A1 Metals Recycling Ltd.

Our customers in Dublin, the East Coast and Mid-lands are serviced by A1 Metal Recycling Ltd. Using a 1300 Leimbach Sheers, scrap steel is delivered and processed and cut to size for shipment to European markets via Limerick docks but also has a container loader that enables us to fill box containers for shipment of steel scrap to markets as far away as Pakistan, Vietnam and Malaysia.

End of Life Vehicles are also pre-processed here before sending to Galway Metal for final shredding.

With mobile cranes and shears, we are equipped for off-site commercial processing including steel structure demolition.  


Limerick: Limerick Metal Recycling Company Ltd.

Is an important processing hub for the Group. Here we have the downstream processing of mixed metals coming from the shredding process. Using state of the art technology, our process can separte usable metals from non metallic residue. The usable metals are segregated into ferrous and non ferrous metal fractions. These fractions are put on the market for recycling through the smelting process. The ferrous smelting furnaces we use are producing mostly long products i.e. Rebar. The non ferrous smelters we use are producing anything from car engines to knives and forks!

The site also has the largest cable granulating process in the country capable of granulating all sizes of copper and aluminium cables.

The residual material from the shredding process is loaded into containers and sent to European Recycling outlets for further processing. The site has a long history in the metal recycling and trading sector.


Limerick Photo


Galway: Galway Metal Company Ltd.

Galway Metal Company is a scrap metal processing site covering the Western seaboard.  The site has recently upgraded from its Waste Facility Permit status to a fully licenced EPA site. This allows us to process metals under more strict guidelines, as set out by the EPA, to enhance the level of compliance of the site, resulting in our systems being more attractive to companies that have more strict compliance rules. E.g. ESB, Intel etc.

Galway Metal Company also possess a Leimbach Sheers to process oversize scrap steel, cutting it to size for shipment to European Markets via Galway docks.    

Galway Metal Company Ltd. was founded in 1969 and since then has grown its business to one of the largest scrap metal processors and recyclers in Ireland.

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