Commercial Scrap Metal Recycling

Our clients are independent companies, large multi-site corporations and state agencies. For all of our clients, the Oran Metal Group offer safe and efficient scrap metal recovery and recycling.

After it's useful life, virtually all metal can be recycled into high quality new metal - indefinitely without losing any of its properties.

Clearly recycling metal makes sense, protects the environment and saves energy. By reusing metal less natural resources are used, which would have been needed to make new metal components such as iron ore, nickel or aluminium.

Recycling metal also results in reduced CO2 emissions and energy savings when compared to the processing of ores. Recent EU statistics indicate that using recycled raw materials has cut CO2 emissions by over 200 million tonnes every year.

Oran Metal Group recycle ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Ferrous metals are magnetic and include iron, tin and steel.

Non-ferrous metal is not magnetic. Non-ferrous metal includes copper, lead, zinc, steel, electrical cables, brass and aluminium including foil and cans, copper, lead, zinc, nickel, titanium, cobalt, chromium, and precious metals.

To hear how the Oran Metal Group could help you recycle old plant and machinery, get in touch:

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